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MyBKExperience Survey: Most of the Fast food restaurant is the common hangout spots in any city. Although the taste of the products is the major source of such a huge number of customers, their Customer satisfaction policy is also an important parameter in ensuring the growth of the organization. These organizations believe in improving the experience of the customers at their restaurants as the only way to retain a loyal customer base. This is the reason why most of the popular food chains offer a supplement every time the food is delayed or when the customer has to wait for a longer time at the restaurant.

Burger King is one of the popular American Food Chain famous for its burger varieties. Burger King is hugely popular for its variants of burgers most of which are customized as per the requests of the customer. Burger King believes that higher the customer satisfaction, the higher would be their revenue. Hence Burger King usually tries to improve their customer satisfaction parameters by requesting their customers to provide a feedback on their items and services. Although most of the customers abstain from providing such feedbacks, Burger King has a unique method just like other organizations to collect feedback from their customers.

My BK Experience is completely electronic and does not require the customer to write anything on a paper. Apart from this, My BK Experience Survey is designed to get a genuine feedback from customers and hence the survey consists of few checks which you will need to pass in order to submit the feedback. Burger King values customers who provide them feedbacks as it would greatly help them to improve their products and services. As a result, Burger King rewards such genuine customers with validation codes which is another way to thank the customers for spending their valuable time. 

MyBKExperience Survey @ www.mybkexperience.comburger king

About Burger King:

Burger King is one of the most popular burger joints in The United States of America. Burger King is known for its wide range of burgers which can satisfy the appetite of any Hungry Customer in the most delicious manner possible. Also, Burger King adds a lot of green leafy vegetables and chicken to its burgers in order to enhance the taste as well as add nutritional value to the products.

Burger King was found by Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns during 1953. The Headquarters of Burger King is located at Florida in The United States of America where the Franchise was established in 1953. Burger King has over 15,000 burger joints not only in The United States of America but situated all over the world. Burger King has evolved into such a popular chain of Burger Joints that it is impossible to find a metropolitan city in the world which does not have a Burger King Franchise. Burger King is a global player with a revenue of about $4.05 Billion Dollars. The reason for the popularity of Burger King is that it gives customers an option to customize their meals depending on their individual lifestyles. 

How to take the My BK Experience Survey:

You will need to make sure that you have the following before you take up the My BK Experience Survey.


1.       A Recent Invoice from any of the Burger King Outlets

2.       A Laptop or a mobile

3.       An Internet Connection

4.       A Popular Browser

5.       Some precious minutes to spare

6.       Basic Communication skills in English



Once you have made sure that you have all these requirements, you can gladly take up the My Bk Experience Survey. To do so,

  1. Open the browser on your Smartphone and in the address bar type or visit the official survey page of Burger King.
  2. It is mandatory for every website to display the cookie policy. If you can spare a lot of time, read out the cookie policy and anyways you will have to accept it to take up the survey.
  3. By this time, you should take out the Invoice and look for the timestamp, restaurant number, and Survey Code.
  4. Enter these details on the webpage and click on START to begin the survey.
  5. The survey consists of various questions which ask you describe your experience at the Burger King Outlet.
  6. You could also choose the type of your order and rate specific parameters of the food like taste, spiciness, size of the burger.
  7. Provide an answer to all the questions asked in the survey and try explaining your opinion in a detailed manner.
  8. You will also be able to see that the entire menu has been listed. You could also provide your feedback on the items which you had ordered earlier.
  9. Once you have answered all these questions you can click on the Submit Button.
  10. You will be provided with a validation code which could be used the next time you visit any Burger King Outlet. These validation codes usually come with an expiry date. Make sure you use them to get some discount off the bill before they expire.

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