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Dollar General Survey: Dollar General Store is one of the chains of American Variety Stores which has understood that Customer Satisfaction is the key to a better Position in the market. In order to find out how comfortable their customers were while shopping at their store, Dollar General Stores offers a Customer Survey called Dollar General Survey where customers can rate their services.

Dollar General Stores values the feedback the customers and even provides a token of appreciation to their customers who take the survey. The Survey is available on the Internet to ensure all their customers are able to rate the service of Dollar General Stores. However, to make sure that the survey is taken up by genuine clients and not by random people on the Internet, Dollar General Stores provides a 15 digit code called the survey code to its customers. Only upon entering this code, customers will be allowed to take up the survey. This essentially means that only customers who have actually visited the Dollar General Stores will be able to take up the Survey. 

The Survey is simple and requires only a few minutes of the precious customer time. The Survey focusses on the satisfaction level of Dollar General Stores Customers. The Questions are aimed at improving their customer services. The data entered by the Customer in the Dollar General Survey is kept confidential even though it does not contain any sensitive data of the customers. These Surveys help the Dollar General Stores to grow in a way the customer expects them to do so. This is done by understanding the likes and dislikes of the customer in terms of product positioning, the behavior of employees and the promptness of their services besides improving certain parameters of the stores like availability of products, request for products from newer brands.

In order to show that they really value the feedback from their customers, Dollar General Stores provides a coupon code which the customers can to waive some amount off the bill during their next visit to any of the Dollar General Stores.  However, to make sure they receive a feedback from all their customers, Dollar General Stores offers $1000 Sweepstake Survey where one lucky customer has the chance to win $1000. 

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Dollar General Stores:

Dollar General Stores is one of the leading chains of variety stores in America. The Chain of stores was first launched by JL Turner in 1939. The Headquarters of Dollar General Stores is located in Tennessee.  Currently, the CEO of Dollar General Stores is Todd Vasos and their Chairman is Michael Colbert.

Since its establishment in 1939, Dollar General Stores has evolved into a 20 Billion Dollar Company with more than 14, 000 outlets all over the world. They have been able to do so well because they value their relationship and would like to enhance the experience of the customer at any cost instead of merely selling them products.

Dollar General Stores sells a wide range of products to its customers. These Products include Home Decors, Beauty Products, Toys, Supplies and even Grocery. Dollar General Stores did not sell Grocery until 2003. Since then they have managed to be one of the best players in the field of Variety stores. 

Dollar General Stores has a number of Subsidiaries such as Dolgencorp, Dollar General Golden Sourcing, and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. Dollar General is also the sponsor of Go Daddy Bowl. The Dollar General Company went public in 1968 to attract more investments. Dollar General also performed an assessment once the lease period of every store came to an end. This assessment helped Dollar General to improve the facilities at each of the Dollar General Stores and also helped them to prioritize the customer’s needs like Car Parking Facilities.

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How to take up the Dollar General Survey:


Here are the following things which you will require in order to take up the Dollar General Survey.


1.       A Recent bill form any of the Dollar General Stores

2.       You should be above 18 years of age.

3.       A Smartphone or a laptop with Internet

4.       A Basic Email Account

5.       A US Citizenship 


  1. The Customer has to visit the official website to take up the Dollar General Survey.
  2. Once the page loads, you will have to enter the Time along with the Store Number and 15 digit survey code which would be clearly printed on the bill of any Dollar General Stores.
  3. Once you enter these details you will be taken to the Survey. The survey consists of questions like were you served Quickly, Was you able to easily find what you were searching for, did the employees act promptly during the billing.
  4. Answer these questions and you will be required to rate a few service parameters.
  5. Once the survey is completed you will be asked to enter your communication details on a page. This is your token to the $1000 sweepstake.
  6. On entering all the required details, you might be provided with a Dollar General Coupon which you will be able to use in any of the Dollar General Stores.

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