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McDVoice Survey: The Key to improving the products and services in any organization of the service industry is to understand the basic requirements of the customer. Improving the drawbacks of the current services will always help an organization to attract new customers and also retain the existing customers. This helps in building a huge customer base. Although building a huge customer base is easy, retaining them as a loyal customer base is highly challenging. In order to retain a loyal customer base, you will need to satisfy the customer in every way possible. Customer Satisfaction is the most powerful tool to build a Huge Customer Base and retain it effectively. Customer Satisfaction is generally achieved by tailoring the products and services of the organization in such a way that the customer expects them to be in the first place. To do this, the organization has to collect sufficient details about the user such as their interests, the improvements, and customizations they would like to have and also the drawbacks of the existing products. Customer Surveys are the best way to collect such precious data about the customers making it a great tool to improve Customer Satisfaction. 

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food joints. It is has become a global brand and is found in almost every popular metropolitan city across the world. McDonald’s is also popular for another reason – Ronald McDonald clown in front of every large McDonald’s outlet. This was one of the main moves by the organization to attract kids and people who love clicking pictures. As you can see, McDonald’s had set up a clown in front of all its outlets just to impress its customers taking customer satisfaction to a whole new level.


Importance of the Survey:

McDonald’s is one of the very few fast food restaurants who believe customer satisfaction is the key to improve revenues and retain a loyal customer base. This is the reason why McDonald’s allows customers to customize their orders instead of offering specific packages on the menu. McDonald’s always loves to hear out form customers about their products and service in order to constantly improve them on a regular basis. This is effectively achieved through customer surveys which are popularly known as McD Voice.

McDonald’s has always been focused on customer satisfaction. Though most of the fast food joints never care about the nutritional content of the food, McDonald’s has been keenly focusing on this to satisfy not only the appetite of the customers but also to cater to their nutritional requirements. Hence McDonald’s came up with Fructose free corn syrups and also removed artificial preservatives from chicken nuggets which were unhealthy for kids.

About McDonald’s:

McDonald’s is one of the most popular fast food joints with a global presence. Their franchise should be present in almost every metropolitan city in the world. The franchise was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald after whom it has been named. They established the franchise in 1955 at Illinois. The headquarters of the franchise is located at Chicago, Illinois. McDonald’s has almost 39,000 outlets around the world and it has developed into a Billion dollar franchise with an income of about $24.66 Billion Dollars. McDonald’s has a huge customer base serving almost 69 million customers every day in more than 100 countries through its 39, 000 outlets.

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How to Take the McD Voice Survey:


In order to voice out your opinion regarding the service of the fast food giant McDonalds, you will need the following


1.      A Smart Phone or a laptop

2.      A good Internet Connection

3.      A recent invoice from any of the McDonald’s outlets.


Here are the step by step instructions you will need to follow in order to complete the McD Voice Survey and get a Coupon code for free.

  1. To start the survey you need to visit the official website for McDonald’s Voice Survey.
  2. Choose the preferred language. Since McDonald’s has outlets in various countries, the survey page is available in different languages.
  3. Enter the required information such as Store Number, Date of visit, Time of visit, order amount.
  4. These details help in fetching your exact order based on which the feedback can be collected. This is done to ensure that customers provide an accurate feedback.
  5. Once the order items are displayed, you can start answering the various question related to the order and rate the parameters such as service of the staff, the timing of delivery.
  6. You could also mention anything you would like apart from the required questions. This helps McDonald’s to improve the overall quality if the service.
  7. Once you have completed the survey click on the Submit Button to receive a validation code.
  8. The Validation Code would be valid for the next days. Make sure you visit any of the McDonald’s outlet within the next 30 days to receive a discount on the next bill. Kindly keep in mind that this validation code can be transferred to any other person and can be used only by the person who had submitted the survey.

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