NJMCDirect Pay Traffic Ticket Online 2021 @ www.NJMCDirect.com

www.NJMCDirect.com: If anyone of the individuals breaks or violates the traffic rules they are imposed with the ticket what we called as fine. For paying those fines online the NJMCDirect has been created a web portal www.NJMCDirect.com. By using this you can pay your fine easily. This is an easy way to pay the fines since you can avoid the visit to the court. This will save your time because you will need only a few minutes of time to pay the ticket fines online through this site.

If you want to pay any fines simply visit the www.NJMCDirect.com web portal and input all the required details such as License plate number, Ticket number, Ticket prefix, and Court ID in the give text fields and click on the continue button to make your payment successfully. By using this website you can avoid standing in long queues to make your payments. But you should make your payment within the due time otherwise you need to pay your fine along with the penalty.

www.NJMCDirect.com @ NJMCDirect Pay Traffic Ticket
www.NJMCDirect.com @ NJMCDirect Pay Traffic Ticket


  • Laptop or any other device you can use to connect to the website.
  • License plate number
  • Ticket number
  • Ticket prefix
  • Court ID
  • Visa or Mastercard must be prepared

What Tickets can be Paid Online?

  • The ticket may be on a Time Payment Order.
  • No warrants have been issued for it.
  • The violation is a payable violation.

Instructions to be Followed to Pay Your Traffic Tickets at www.NJMCDirect.com

www.NJMCDirect.com @ NJMCDirect Pay Traffic Ticket
www.NJMCDirect.com @ NJMCDirect Pay Traffic Ticket
  • Visit the official website
  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • Enter your court ID in the first text box.
  • Next, provide the Traffic prefix.
  • And in the third text box, you need to enter your Ticket number.
  • Next, in the last text field, you need to input your License Plate Number.
  • After entering all the above details in the respective text fields you need to click on the continue button so, that you agree with the convenient charge by the NJMC.
  • MasterCard and Visa Card are valid for the payments, but it has other additional service fees.

NJMCDirect Pay – Online Payment Hours

  • It is open from 7.30 am to 11.45 pm from Monday to Thursday,
  • From 7:30 am to 10:45 pm on Friday
  • Or, from 7:30 AM to 3:45 PM on Saturday
  • From 1:00 PM – 11:45 PM on Sunday.
  • The payment time adjusts the EST or Eastern Standard Time.

Benefits of NJMCDirect Payment Portal

  1. Fast: This online payment portal offers a fast way of transaction. It is very simple and easy method where you need to spend a few minutes to make your payment.
  2. Secure: This portal is totally secure. It keeps the information confidential i.e. about the payment and traffic violation of the users along with their personal information. New Jersey Court provides the high quality of security. Nobody can access your information except the New Jersey Court Employees.
  3. Convenient: You don’t need to visit the NJMCCourt. You only need to pay an extra $1 to $4 for all the transactions, which is very cheap and affordable.

Contact Details

  1. Phone Number-973 284 4945
  2. Fax-973 284 4914

This is all about the www.NJMCDirect.com @ NJMCDirect Pay Traffic Ticket. In the above section, we have updated all the complete instructions to make your payment. Hope the information is useful to pay your fines through the website instead of standing in long queues. Stay connected to our website for more updates.

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